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Top 5 Jokes

Hidden Talents: Jerry's Secret

Uncover the hidden talents of our favorite cartoon mouse, Jerry, in this hilarious exchange. Is he the next pet sensation?

Tom's Workday Excuse

Tom's got an innovative excuse to dodge work. Bet you can't guess. Hit play for the hilariously unexpected!

Jerry's Brutal Honesty

Join in for another round of Jerry's hilarious quips in this classic Tom and Jerry moment.

Jerry's Mosquito Theory

Ever thought about the 'why' of blood groups? Jerry did. In a hilariously twisted view, he chalks it up to providing mosquitoes a buffet of flavors.

Tom's Dream... Holiday?

Jerry probes Tom about his dream job, but Tom, our laid-back cat from the "Tom and Jerry" duo, flips the script. For him,  

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