Best”Ok Google, tell me a joke” is here

Ok Google, tell me a joke
Ok Google, tell me a joke

“Ok Google, tell me a joke”: Powered by Jerry Bros

So what happens when you say Ok Google, tell me a joke? Google’s sophisticated AI consults Jerry Bros 😎. In case you didn’t know, Jerry and Tom are inseparable friends. They are so famous that even Google relies on them for humour! Jerry and Tom mice have been friends since birth.

They answer back, they make your day, they’re all you need. They’re right at your disposal for company and jokes, giving life to all your messages with a personal touch you’ll love!

They believe that friendships are one of the most important things in life. They share jokes, talk about their life together, go out together to explore new places, and occasionally argue! But they always make up and forgive each other.

Talking Jerry mice and Tom mouse are the perfect companion for you. Even Google asks them for jokes!

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